Pocketnoise by Christoph Kummerer - A Gameboy music program I never heard of!

December 3rd, 2007

I discovered the program Pocketnoise by Christoph Kummerer today, in this video:

A quick google gave me that the ROM is not available. Does anyone know more about this program or have valid contact information for Christoph Kummerer? From what I found on the net, it seems like the guy made this program and then disappeared from the surface of the planet. Or is perhaps Christoph someone I know from the GB music community, just not under that name?

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  1. zombectro says:

    Wow, nice tool, I want it !!!
    Unfortunately I think Christoph didn’t following
    his project, it seems to be only an art experimentation for him (and not an serious passion like Oliver and Johan)

    I wish that I’m wrong !

  2. nitro2k01 says:

    Yeah I think so too, but maybe if I can reach him, I can convince thim to give the ROM. I like obscure things. :D

  3. zombectro says:

    Ho yeah, it would be really cool, I like obscure things too !
    If you can do that your blog’s name will sound real like never !

    (sorry if my grammar is wrong, English is not my maternal language)

  4. ck says:

    hi nitro2k01, feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I can dig up any of my old code / roms on the backup of the backup of the backup … drives
    oh yeah and just don’t publish my email adress if it’s in any way possible ;)

  5. nitro2k01 says:

    Thanks for hitting back! Your e-mail address is in safe hands.

  6. mikro orchestra says:

    hi! did you recive this ROM from Christoph? long time ago I was tray take contact with him, but without result…

  7. nitro2k01 says:

    Not yet, but he said I will. I’ll remind him.

  8. george says:

    Hi i want them tooooo….please please…

  9. emar says:

    any progress on this? i just found the video today and it sounds very interesting

  10. zombectro says:

    Yes, Christoph must share his soft ! So he will remain in our hearts and our 32M cartridges ! Forever !

  11. Gameboy Genius » Blog Archive » An actual circuit bent Gameboy this time :o says:

    [...] A better way to do it is to use some GB music making software like LSDj, Nanoloop or perhaps PocketNoise which is an art project by Christoph Kummerer which has a glitchy almost circuit bent look to it. [...]

  12. archiver says:

    C’mon, don’t let us die without any information…now it’s a long time ago that any progress was reported. Maybe you got this ROM already.

  13. nitro2k01 says:

    Nope… He promised to send him, then I never heard from him again. As sooon as I receive it you’ll hear about it here. Promise. :)

  14. nitro2k01 says:

    Also, archiver, it seems your mail address is borked. Thought you might want to know.

  15. have you got them??? says:


  16. nitro2k01 says:

    Nope, still no response from Chris. :/

  17. 53x7u5 says:

    Still no response? (:

  18. nitro2k01 says:

    Still no response.

  19. sebastian says:

    hi cold some one send me the rom pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

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