Crayon Physics

January 11th, 2008

Crayon Physics screenshot Crayon Physics screen shot
Crayon Physics is a simple but compelling game whose objective is to move a ball across the playfield to the goal. (A star) The game implements a full-fletched 2D physics motor and your only tool is the ability to draw shapes with your mouse. When you do so they react accordingly by falling due to gravity, moving other objects or bouncing. Now I’m just waiting for Crayon Physics Deluxe, where you can draw ther shaped than rectangles.

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  1. Optimus says:

    Hmm,. at the beginning I knew that crayon physics was only for mac but I see I can download a windows version too now. But funny enough at that time I had found that another game that was inspired from crayon physics was made for the PC. It was Marker World (

    And now I finally download crayon physics and because marker world was inspired by crayon physics I thought the original would be better. But it’s not. Sometimes I draw random lines and I get a box. In markerworld you can draw arbitary whatever you want and it doesn’t morph into a box, it’s just does great physics and you can draw like 50 random lines without slowdown. In crayon physics sometimes when I draw some big box it slows down very much. It’s crap compared to the flexibility and speed of markerworld which also lets me move the ball with wsad.

    Another game with drawing concept that rules is chalk (

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  2. nitro2k01 says:

    Could it be that Marker World is that Crayon Physics Deluxe that they’re talking about?
    If not, it’s a hell of a blatant ripoff!

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