Commentluv installed

January 17th, 2008

I have now installed Commentluv, which is a Wordpress plugin that looks for the latest blog entry on your blog, if you post a link to a blog with an RSS feed.

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  1. nitro2k01 says:

    I’m in mah blog, testin’ commentluv.

    nitro2k01’s last blog post..By: Andy Bailey

  2. CarpetGuy says:

    Yeah, I have installed it too, works great. I also installed NoFollow Free, that makes the links on your bog followable by the search engines. Maybe these plugins will help us all get more traffic?

    CarpetGuy’s last blog post..Afghan Student Sentenced to Death for Downloading Paper Against Islam

  3. Stock Trading Software Reviews says:

    I really like the Comment luv plugin but am scared of it hurting my site… as a compromise I do it on about 1/2 my sites and not on the others… it’s good for getting reader… bad for SEO… so I guess it’s all about what your going for

    Stock Trading Software Reviews’s last blog post..AbleSys Corporation Trading System Software

  4. aniss says:

    great plugin i like it.

  5. fergferg says:

    شكرا جزيلا جدا

  6. Digital Photo Frame says:

    what is “Commentluv” for? Another dofollow plug in for wordpree blog?

  7. Texas Movers says:

    I wonder if comment luv allows do follow on the links?

    Texas Movers’s last blog post..Exceptions to the Tarriff

  8. Jim - 406NotAcceptable says:

    It can be setup to comply with your dofollow plug-in. I’ve heard reports of automatically working and others not. It’s best to check.

    Jim - 406NotAcceptable’s last blog post..I am an email collector!

  9. mike | download online movies says:

    Hey Game boy genius…looks good. Sounds like comment love is the next phase in web 2.0!

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  10. Crystal Point says:

    Commentluv is pretty cool. Thanks for recommending it.

  11. Digital photo taking tips says:

    Great idea. I like comment luv for blogs it lets you get a link to latest post. One other good plugin is keyword luv and both work well together.

  12. tanah dijual says:

    Congrat’s for installing comment luv plugin, your blog will reach more new audience now

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