I am Nigerian King! Send me 200 DMG, nao!!!11one

March 22nd, 2008

There’s no #8bc without my patented IRC quote of the day. This time we’re discussing a beggar from Ghana.
Refers to this page: http://gameboygenius.8bitcollective.com/wordpress/?page_id=54

03:00 < nordloef> nitro
03:01 < nordloef> please the name of my country is ghana.my
                  city is ashaiman and my code is 00233.my
                  school box is 642.and my state is
                  w/a.please kindly send me a gameboy by
                  next week.and let it pass through the post
03:01 < _2tronik01> Hahaha!
03:01 < nordloef> please i come from ghana
03:01 < yujie_> haha
03:01 < nordloef> please kindly send me some of your item to
03:01 < nordloef> please i need some of your goods by
03:02 < _2tronik01> nordloef: Don’t tell meyou wrote that
                    comment on my blog
03:02 < nordloef> haha
03:02 < nordloef> i wish
03:02 < _2tronik01> I think I checked the IP address though
03:02 < nordloef> was it from ghana?
03:02 < _2tronik01> AFAIR, yes
03:02 < CalmDownKidder> I am a prince of a Nigerian king, I
                        urgently need yourhelp! We have
                        approximately 6,000,000, DMG locked
                        up which we cannot use as my father
                        is dead and they will not let us
                        access his account!
03:03 < CalmDownKidder> Please send me 200 DMG and I will
                        reward you greatly
03:03 < _2tronik01> I approve
03:03 < yujie_> :D
03:03 < yujie_> 6,000,000 dmgs
03:03  * yujie_ salivates

One Response to “I am Nigerian King! Send me 200 DMG, nao!!!11one”

  1. Remy says:

    hehehehe please kindly send me a gameboy by next week

    yeah right!! :D
    Remy’s last blog post..Promotional Spring Break Products

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