Come here, Pluto

March 25th, 2008

During a discussion about the recent reclassification of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet:

14:38 <@nitro2k01> Let them have their fun if they want to
                   reclassify Pluto
14:38 < PDF_Format> allowing a circular deffinition to stand would
                    invite other ones
14:38 < PDF_Format> “matter is anything mattery”
14:38 <@Dauragon> Bahahaha
14:39 < PDF_Format> “what separates a rat from a mouse is that
                    rat/mouse barrier”
14:39 <@Dauragon> those textbooks would be GOLDEN
14:39 < PDF_Format> these are non deffinitions
14:39 < PDF_Format> ahaha
14:39 < PDF_Format> i’m gonna have to write one now
14:39 < PDF_Format> textbook for the post pluto world
14:39 <@Dauragon> haha

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