Peculiar Sounds from a Drop of Saltwater on Aluminum

March 31st, 2008

Aluminum+cupper+drop of salt water=experimental sounds

Aluminum+cupper+drop of salt water=experimental sounds, schematic
I just found this. I gotta try this myself. My theory of what this does is the following: The cupper and aluminum works as a battery, much like the lemon battery taught in physics class. However because of the Al2O3 surface on the aluminum, which is released in an opscillating manner, you get spikes of voltage. This is what creates the sound. Compare it to the bubbles you get when you put a piece of a base metal in acid. That is my theory, feel free to comment it, or prove it right or wrong.

Found by Veqtor.

2 Responses to “Peculiar Sounds from a Drop of Saltwater on Aluminum”

  1. little-scale says:

    Thanks for posting this. I found the same link 18 months ago, and had been looking for the link on and off since then!

    PS> Good to see your first live set also!

  2. Diego says:


    Do you know some books, papers, or websites about this?
    I’m doing experiments with this in my university, and I haven’t found too much about this…


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