It’s a tarp!

March 5th, 2008

Moar IRC quotes from #8bc!

04:21 < nordloef> i have been a teenage momm for 2 weeks and i
                  breast feed he plays with my nipple brandon just
                  likes milk i guess byr the way im 16
04:21 < Pdf|sadness> nordloef, you are a perv
04:21 < nordloef> comment on one of the vidoes above
04:22 < nordloef> not from me though
04:22 < nordloef> even though i wish i could have been a mother at 16
04:22 <@n0dl> nordloef is a teenage mother
04:23 < nordloef> didnt you know?
04:23 <@n0dl> nordloef: you told me I was the only one!
04:23 < nordloef> it was a trap

ADLib Tracker

March 4th, 2008

More Youtube! This time it’s my Pentium 100 MHz laptop playing som AD lib tunes with ADLib Tracker ][. The tunes are Chipmunk, Comic Bakery and Super Mario Land Theme, from the collection of modules that comes with the program. Someday I'll try to sit down and track something myself. And some other day maybe I will tell the story of how I managed to use HDD in the laptop, where the CD used to be. Without the consent of the BIOS.


March 2nd, 2008

Quote of the day (or night) from #8bc.

04:48 < nitro2k01> Not only that! You imploded the universe!
04:48 < xulthis> well hold on there
04:48  * IAYD is a destroyer of internets and universes
04:48 < xulthis> dividing by zero does nothing technically
04:49 < xulthis> think about this
04:49 < nitro2k01> Oh the lawyer in you has come out
04:49 < xulthis> you have a pizza and divide it between zero people
04:49 < xulthis> the pizza remains, but theres nobody to eat it
04:49 < xulthis> dividing by zero SHOULD technically be the quanity
                 you started with
04:49 < xulthis> and dividing by zero simply does nothing
04:50 < xulthis> it’s no different than adding or subtracting zero
04:50 < xulthis> but
04:50 < xulthis> math fruitcakes will always argue that’s it

Two videos of Protein DScratch

March 2nd, 2008

Here are two videos of me playing around with Protein DSratch, a sampler and scratch software for Nintendo DS. Click the link for downloads.