FM Goa by Carlos (Youtube Stereo)

April 15th, 2008

A couple of days ago I heard watched the video Adlib Tracker II - FM Goa by stkthree03/Carlos. I asked for the module for the song, and got it. He also replied and said that Youtube doesn’t offer stereo sound, which is a common misconception. It is in fact very possible to get stereo on Youtube, but you need to convert the video to FLV before uploading it. So it came to this: I decided to upload this great tune in stereo.

Here are the technical details for those who are interested:

  • Played back the module in ADT2PLAY using DOSBox, and captured the audio. I meant to play it on my OPL soundcard, but I had technical difficulties.
  • Opened in Adobe Audition and did this:
    • 20 Hz hipass to remove DC offsets
    • Maximum stereo expansion for the lulz
    • A quick EQ job to get a little more bass and treble
    • Maximize and hard limit. Maybe a little too much, since the sound is “pumping”.
  • Used WMM to export image+audio to video. (Maximum quality setting)
  • Converted to flv in Any DVD Converter. For those who are interested I used these parameters, which apparently work well:
    • Video Size: 320*240
    • Video bitrate: 192
    • Video framerate: 25
    • Audio CODEC: MP3
    • Audio Bitrate: 192
    • Sample Rate: 44100 (Same as the original capture)

    The audio bitrate is higher than recommended by other people experimenting with YT stereo, and maybe it worked just because the video was a still image.

Also a shout out to GammaGoblin reading my blog, and giving me a mention. So this post is for him, as the FM lover he is.

3 Responses to “FM Goa by Carlos (Youtube Stereo)”

  1. Gamma Goblin says:

    FM and Goa lover :) Mind you, I can’t actually tell the difference between psy and goa.

    I read about upping the quality of YT videos last year. I had toyed with the idea of using YT or google video to host my music this way (embeddable and free) but it just seemed too much effort. I forgot about it though so its good that you reminded me of it. I might try it in the future.


  2. Ikuma says:

    check Danyl’s site for some helpful AdLib (OPL) tools, including a winamp plugin and more..

  3. jeff (YouTubeic) says:

    Very nice article and thanks for this post.

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