Two IDM/Chillout artists

April 16th, 2008

Churzkia Jrakavla album cover Locust Toybox album cover

I’ve recently found two IDM artists that I like very much. The first one is called Churzkia Jrakavla and makes a smooth, atmospheric, microtonal, chilly kind of IDM. I found him while looking for information about just intonation, something I’ve become interested in lately.
The other artist is Locust Toybox that I found through a person I found on Youtube who used his music in one of his videos. The music of Locust Toybox has elements of chiptune, acoustic music and jazz.
They both have some tracks for download. Click on their names in the text above. Locust Toybox also has 3 animations to accompany his music, on his homepage.

Edit: Come to think of it, there’s a third release I want to mention, Smart Echoes For Sensitive Ears by Audiokonstrukte. 1bit029 on 1bit-wonder is a likewise chilly triphop album which works great for relaxation or keeping up my concentration.

4 Responses to “Two IDM/Chillout artists”

  1. Philip Cunningham says:

    alright, alright! was wondering if we could perhaps exchange links? pop me on your blogroll and i’ll do the same. what do you say? drop me an email.

  2. nitro2k01 says:

    Can’t say no to anyone whose wax I own!

  3. Philip Cunningham says:

    we’re gonna get ourselves connected.

  4. Michael Rywalt says:

    Interesting site! I apologize for responding nearly 9 months after your posts to my blog, but they got mixed in with a few thousand spam messages, and my mail server stopped sending updates out to my email account. Besides all of that, I had no time to maintain my site or add regular posts. That should now change as I am finally graduating in a week.

    I found your comments on Squarepusher’s Hello Everything album to be interesting. His music seems to have flattened out on that album, almost like going from 3D to 2D. But not in a bad way. I haven’t checked, but he’s probably coming out with something new sooner or later (or already did?).

    Anyway, I must go now to finish up a final exam project. Good luck and I’ll stop in your page frequently, looks very interesting!

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