Björn Gustavsson gives 12 points to Sweden in Eurovision 2008

May 28th, 2008

The Swedish announcer, our national pride. ;)
This guy is an up and coming comedian around here, and he was the one who reported the Swedish votes. I didn’t pay attention to the ESC at all; I havene yet to hear a single entry from the contest, from Sweden or abroad. But I found these clips on Youtube after being someone recommended them to me.
The first clip is form the grande finale in Belgrad, where he “happens” to give 12 points to Sweden, just to excuse himself by saying “No, you can’t on your own!”. I think this is a parody on the East European countries which almost just seem to vote for each other, practically leaving the competition to them.
Some Swedes said their ashamed about him, because they think people abroad will start to think that this is how all Swedes are, a bit insecure, speak bad English, make clumsy mistakes, maybe a bit too much Aquavit. To them I’d like to say: Grow up! Everybody realized it was a joke. I rather think it helps shatter them image of Sweden as a stiff, overly PC country.

In the second clip he acts drunk in the national semi-finals. The English subtitles were made by yours truly.

5 Responses to “Björn Gustavsson gives 12 points to Sweden in Eurovision 2008”

  1. ramon says:

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  2. Oddmund says:

    The Scandinavian countries are also voting for each other.

  3. Sebastian Tomczak says:

    Did you seen any footage of Bulgaria’s scratch guitars?

  4. Jonathan says:

    that was crazy funny! who is this guy? why is he mentioned on this site and btw… is he famous in sweden…. haven´t been home for a while u see!

    fett skön iaf


  5. nitro2k01 says:

    He’s a comedian, and he’s skyrocketting. The video is on this site because I made the subtitles for it.

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