Veqtor & 2tronik01 - Analogik2 [OXOMP3002]

June 3rd, 2008

Analogik2 cover
When I’m not doing Gameboy music, I’m doing other experimental stuff. Like patcing cables and turning knobs on modular synthesizers.
This release is recorded live by me and Veqtor using a STS/Serge and Buchla Series 200 together with a spring tank reverb. On track 3 I came up with the great idea of using feedback with the reverb, which created some very eerie and moodful sounds indeed.

Available for download here:


Format: MP3 (320 kbps, 48 kHz)
Cat.No: OXOMP3002
Release date: 2008.06.03
Genre: Experimental, Rhytmic Noise, Electronic, Live Analogue Electronics

Track list

  1. Veqtor & 2tronik01 - Sequentrouvenchance
  2. Veqtor & 2tronik01 - Azimuth Wrap Zenith
  3. Veqtor & 2tronik01 - nLog43168
  4. Veqtor - Parasiticurrent Modulations

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