Back from NorbergFestival 2008 (Video and image dump)

July 28th, 2008

Foona + Dubmasta Ayhan Aydin
Left: Foona, (Roots dub) Right: Ayhan Aydin (Illbient)

I’m back from the Norberg Festival, and I had a great time. A shout out to some of the great artists: nordloef, Foona, Dj Peter Ericsson, Bitmobilen, PH1 Axid Cerw, all of the X-Dumpians, Veqtor, AWT, Food for Animals, Ayhan Aydin and to finish off the perfect Saturday evening, some breakcore from Babyshaker and Bong-Ra.
Below is a video of my own gig. More snippets available in this Youtube playlist.

LDL by nitro2k01 (Me) Nevermind the inrt2o0k bollocks!

This brings me to another point. You might be wondering why I’m not using any Gameboys or anything on stage in those videos. Here’s the story: About two weeks before an SD card in my M3DS crashed. (I’m using the Lameboy emulator for the DS - actually pretty handy and pretty clean sound as well.) Because of this, 6 months worth of work went down the drain in an instant. I trusted an SD card to be a stable form of storage and didn’t even have a backup. (Gah!!)
So, I had to rush together a live set, using only pre-recorded material. I could’ve brought a real DMG and played some of my old stuff, but I figured I’d better just use my computer for everything this time.
Stack of Lost Tracks CD's Bunch of Lost Tracks CD's
Because of the data crash, I collected all the songs that I had actually recorded before the crash and made 10 CD’s that I sold on the festival. Each with a limited edition number and a hand drawn CD cover. The CD is called “Lost Tracks” due to the fact the source files for the tracks on it were lost. I wish to thank all of the people who bought a copy! I’m planning to release these songs as a free net release on OXO Unlimited, but if you’re interested in buying a physical copy with a hand drawn cover, don’t hesitate to contact me.
I’m going to use the small profit I made from it to buy a WiiMote. My plan for the future is to pre-record a number of loops and play around with on the fly using a combo of Ableton Live and Reaktor.
Acid Balloon at Camp303, Norberg Festival 2008 Veqtor's Mac
Left: Acid Balloon at camp303 Right: Veqtor’s Mac

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