Pixels to Polygons Podcast (Teh winrar is me)

October 22nd, 2008

So, I’ve just won a TTDS flash cart for Nintendo DS from the podcast Pixels to Polygons. It’s a podcast mainly about gaming, but also other things like politics, pop culture and life in general. They had a little trouble pronouncing my name (Which I found pretty funny) and were generally confused about who I am. So… A brief intro: I’m a chiptuner and geek in general, and I’m from Sweden. I heard about the contest on the Benheck forums, and that’s why I’m confused over why you’re confused. :) I’m more known under the name of nitro2k01. CronoTriggerfan, you even quoted my post in the forums, and I know you’ve seen before, and I’m pretty active there, but not in Forum 42 of course.

Anyway, you’re crying for feedback, so here goes:

  • Realistically, most people probably don’t listen to a podcast straight from the beginning to end, and I think it could be a bit shorter. I think 40 minutes is just about right, or a full hour if you add music pauses. I also think it might be a good idea to make a content table with approximate times in case somebody wants to skip certain segments. also, don’t hesitate to edit the podcast before publishing if needed.
  • Add some music. Not just the into and outro music, but maybe 2-3 songs during the podcast. Maybe also some background music. Perhaps I could even help you out with that. Or at least add some sort of signature melody that you play to divide the show into different segments.
  • One of you guys (George, I believe) had some Skype problems, and sometimes his voice faded out. Maybe you should try to do something about that. The joke about Josh Wiley’s “long and hard” last level almost got lost. He also said something about my last name that got completely lost.
  • Organize the show. Do a rough script of the topics you want to cover (you seem to be doing this already) and discuss it before recording. Especially important, practice pronouncing people’s names. ;)
  • Make the show more interactive. Ask people to ask questions. You could even add a segment to the show where you choose a topic each week and let people send questions or opinions on that topic that you answer and discuss. For all I know, you could even let people call over Skype and ask questions.
  • And yeah, last but not least. Stop burping in the microphone. Srsly!

So yeah, that’s about it. Consider these points until next time.
Because I found the mispronounciation of my name so funny that I’m posting that clip here. I took the liberty to edit the clip slightly and also make some background music for it.

That’s Pixels to Polygons. Check it out.

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