48 kHz and the number 168

December 7th, 2008

Weird things… I don’t want to believe in things like the law of attraction but sometimes I’m starting to doubt. Like with number the number 168. I released an album on the now defunct Project168 (Go here instead) and I thought it was a cool number for some reason. And sure enough, I started noticing it “everywhere” like on car plates and other random places, but I thought that was just because I knew about it and actively thought about it. That was until I discovered that I was born on the 168th day of the year.
And then 48 kHz. I started using 48 kHz locally on my computer because my craptop laptop soundcard is designed for that frequency and thus produces less artefacts that way. So far so good, when suddenly during the last two days, several sound files not produced on my computer (And thus unaffected by my own sample rate policy) turned out to have that sample rate instead of the more standard 44.1 kHz or 96 kHz. And then the Blipfest live stream.

I still don’t seriously believe in that stuff, although it does tell you something about the human mind and its capability to imagine stuff and see what it want to see.
</weird rant>

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