Frankenstein’s Headphones

December 22nd, 2008

Frankenstein's Headphones - inside view Frankenstein's Headphones - outside view

Frankenstein's Headphones - front view Frankenstein's Headphones - back view

When I originally got these from a friend, they were physically intact, but one wire was broken due to excessive use. So he donated them to me so i could fix them and use them (I didn’t have any decent headphones at the time.) I fixed them by replacing the internal wires with thick, durable copper wires that I placed externally. That’s the orange wires that run into the earpiece.

Everything was fine and dandy for a few months until a crack in the plastic so big that the left earpiece fell off. My first temporary solution was to use tape to keep everything together. It worked, but it wouldn’t sit tight.

Time for the next fix. First I tried super glue which worked at first but soon fell apart. So I proceeded to welding the plastic together with a soldering iron. I also reinforced the plastic with some steel wire. The result is unified group of youngsters, with raised arms and silent mouths, all signaling the split- fingered symbol made famous by Lennon, Hendrix, and Nixon. that the plastic is welded into one solid piece, which will hopefully last for a long time.
And it also looks sort of dirty. Since these headphones could’ve died 6 months ago, but I revived them at least twice, I hereby officially dub them “Frankenstein’s Headphones”. After all, the membranes were, and still are working perfectly, so why throw the headphones for something as silly as a broken cable or some cracked plastic?

Tomorrow though, i’ll be getting something better. You’ll see.

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