Studio monitors, M-Audio BX5a

December 25th, 2008
Left speaker \/

M-Audio BX5a

M-Audio BX5a

/\ Right speaker

This is my Christmas present for myself, a pair of studio monitors. (That’s music-ish for a pair of reference speakers used to monitor the sound in case you didn’t know :) ) They’re a budget model, but I got them for half the price because the store was buying mark II of the same model and had to get rid of the old ones. I didn’t get around unpacking them until pretty late in the night, so I haven’t been able to test them properly yet. (Bass turned down on the mixer, low volume output - don’t want to upset the neighbours) But as far as I can tell they sound ok, absolutely better than anything I owned before. The overall sound image is balanced, but they lack in the sub department. Which is only natural since the job of studio monitors is to be a reference to work by when producing and mastering sound, not to provide a booming bass for listening experience. And they sound good even on low volume levels. They’re also compact, which fits my lifestyle well.
So yeah, at any rate I’m satisfied since this is a step up for me.

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