Lavos’ Cave v1 (Ambient/drone music piece) + some fail poetry

January 11th, 2009

Social Ice Social Ice
Here’s the first mixdown of this piece that I’ve dubbed Lavos’ Cave. The name, of course, is an hommage to one of the greatest RPG’s.

It’s an ambient/drone piece that I’ve made by layering several feedback loops. The result is a really moody and organic sound that slowly progresses as you meditate and travel through an imaginary cave.

This is just the first crude version. I will make a final mixdown later where I fix some of the nasty clipping and equalize the tracks a bit to make them stand out a bit more against each other. The clipping is due to the fact that this piece was recorded using feedback paths in analogue gear (except for the reverb which is technically not analogue but mechanical ;) ) so things went out of hand sometimes.


Social Ice Social Ice

And some random thoughts that crossed my mind on my way home the other night. Some kind of failed emo poetry or something.

I could take a picture of the ice
Try to remember the endless perfection
With which it revealed itself.
A splendid crystalline structure, a comples cavity,
Leading to an infinite grid of tunnels.
Just like in my autistic childhood fantasies
Ever so cold, ever so distant, ever so near
The place where I want to rest my mind forever
Exploring new paths, new places
With no one interrupting me

^ That’s something I scribbled down in my notebook when waiting for the bus, too tired, too caffeinated. Fits the mood of the music perfectly.

Social Ice Social Ice

2 Responses to “Lavos’ Cave v1 (Ambient/drone music piece) + some fail poetry”

  1. Mr Tomczak says:

    So I’ve been listening to this a bit lately when I’ve been re-organising my work space. I have to say it’s very nice! Thanks for posting this, Mr 2k01. Hope you’re going well.

  2. Mark says:

    If you dig Dark ambient you should look around at The ddp is a great project and one of the artists who had his work on there for several times how has his first album out! Perimeter Beyond the perimeter This is realy something! Enjoy man!!


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