Photoshop Billboards (Street Art)

January 15th, 2009

Photoshop Billboards Berlin - Overview

Photoshop Billboards - Britney Spears Photoshop Billboards - Leona Lewis Photoshop Billboards - Christina Aguilera

Photoshop Billboards - Don't Forget

I’ve recently talked about how you can have fun with video billboards, but you can have fun with regular billboards too, as these Berliners show. The theme is Photoshopping of female singers, demonstrated by overlaying the billboard for Britney Spears, leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera with a Photoshop interface. The layers are called things like ****Consume****, Eyes 2C, “Tits da Bitch!”.
To me this is what street art is about: bringing consciousness to the public through the use of satire, and criticizing society through the use of unauthorized art.

Made by Epoxy, Mr Talion, Baveux & Kone. Watch the full set.

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