Burning Chrome by Haujobb (Mortimer T music)

January 15th, 2009

Here’s an Amiga demo from 1996 with one of my favourite .mod composers, Mortimer Twang. I like his Junglist/DnB/Dub/Jazz module better than his chips, but he seems to despise the fomer somehow. Maybe it’s true what they say, that the earliest works of any artist are the best since they happen during a discovery process.

  • Video on YouTube: link me beautiful
  • Prod page on pouët.net: link me beautiful <Fuckings to ps!>
  • Download (almost) all of Mortima’s modules in one package: link me beautiful <The ones in the demo are closest dream.mod and burning chrome end.mod. jsyk.>

If you’re using glitchDS, also check out my Mortima T sample pack for it.

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