Japanese for Nerds

January 15th, 2009

Japanese for nerds is new blog by lmm/Patrick. I don’t actually know the guy, but I found his blog through my referrer log because he was linking to my Gameboy Music How-To. And I thought his blog was interesting, even if I haven’t commented it as much as it deserves. (In the beginning there wasn’t even a way to comment on his blog)

Anyway, Japanese for nerds is his new project which he describes like this:

The goal for the blog is to post words or phrases that I had to put time in to looking up or learning how to use because they aren’t commonly used. Or something like that.

Sounds like an interesting concept, and I’ve added it to my RSS reader. Gives a little Kana practice too, in a natural context.
The first lesson, fitting enough, is how to translate nerd. The two options are おたく, otaku or インテリ, interri, obviously derived from the English word intelligent.

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