Figma - Drossel von Flügel

February 16th, 2010

This is an absolutely gorgeous Figma figure of Drossel von Flügel of Fireball. I love everything about her, the body shape, the details, how she stands on her own and how Miku’s leeks fits perfectly into her hands. ^_^
The catch? She’s not mine… ._.
Being poor cheap poor and lacking that real obsession about figures I haven’t ventured into it. (The fact that my workspace is filled with junk and isn’t very tidy also suggests it might not be the right hobby for me) But I do love the appearance of them and the least I can do is repost pictures of other people’s figures when I get the chance. These lovely pictures are taken by Meimi132.

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  1. Anime! says:

    2da. temporada de Fireball en 2011…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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