Handmade Gameboy purse

May 3rd, 2007

This neat little item was sold in 8 pieces by Etsy. It’s a little purse for storing coins, or two LSDj cartridges and a link cable, whynot?
I really love the handmade looks of it, but I’m a bit disturbed by the lack of a power LED. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of the 8 items. Maybe I should make one myself, but knowing my preferences, I’d probably make it in clear plastic, possibly with some kind of lighting option, just as I did in the real world. (;

If I had one of the purses maybe I wouldn’t just put thing in it. Maybe I would build some sort of noise-producing thingie, just as I did with the Gameboy-style box that I got from Dj Scotch Egg. (Which now houses the Gameboy Ounk Console) Perhaps I’d make it pressure sensitive because of the soft nature of the fabric… Yeah! If you own one of the eight purses, and this sounds interesting, give me a call. (:

(Original source: Wonderland: Handmade Gameboy purse)

Masturbating Gameboy!?!

April 23rd, 2007

This is a weird little thing that I stumbled across during today’s random browsing. A Christmas ad with a (cartoon) kid in the shape of a Gameboy who wants a gift card so he can buy all the games he doesn’t dare to ask santa about. And in the end he makes some moves that suggests fapping. Hilarious.
Video link
I originally found this on TheBBPS.com, so pay them a visit!

Tetris comic strip

April 18th, 2007

Tetris comic strip

Suits my way of thinking. :D
Found at The Perry Bible Fellowship.

Minimalizm locked groove vinyl released to the public

April 15th, 2007

Noise Vinyl logo

The Minimalizm Noise Vinyl v3 is a locked groove vinyl project. A locked groove vinyl is a vinyl disc where every track keeps looping. The disc has a number of circles, one for each loop, rather than a long spiral.
The aim of the project is to do community pressings, where every artist makes a loop for the vinyl and orders a few copies to pay their share of the production. My contribution to the project is a Gameboy loop. As a bonus, you get a house track by LeAndre from Paris, and the 53 loops from minimalizm v2 on the B side.
The original minializm v2 pressing was pressed in 100 copies which were quickly sold out. Because of this high interest minimalizm v3 is now available to the public. By buying one or more copies of the vinyl, you support the project and ensure there will be a 4th vinyl when the time comes.

Gameboy sellout for Skullcandy (:

April 12th, 2007

I bought a new pair of headphones today, of the brand skullcandy. For all I can tell, they’re great for the price. (At the very least, they’re better than the crappy ones I had before)
Not much to say about them, clear treble, crunchy mid-range, not blasting, but at least very much audible bass and sub-bass.

The interesting thing, however, is that they came with small stickers, that they reuqested people to put in cool places.

Skullcandy sticks Skullcandy sticks, backside

Viral marketing, yes of course, but I decided to put one of the stickers on redledboy, my LED-filled transparent Gameboy. Unfortunately, since my camera is back to the shop for repairment, and possibly replacement, I tried a friend’s camera and I tried putting the GB on the scanner, all without much success. I just couldn’t get the pictures as I wanted them.
These are probably the two best ones, with respect to how I wanted the photo picture to look. The other pictures are available on my flickr account.

I’ve submitted some of the pictures to SkullCandy as instructed. Next time I’ll put one of the pink stickers on a classic grey Gameboy, in a way that makes the buttons come out of the holes in the skull. (The round of the eyes has a perfect size for this)

The only problem is that I don’t have a single working grey Gameboy. I have three or four of them, in pieces. (:
But that’s a later problem.