Pocketnoise by Christoph Kummerer - A Gameboy music program I never heard of!

December 3rd, 2007

I discovered the program Pocketnoise by Christoph Kummerer today, in this video:

A quick google gave me that the ROM is not available. Does anyone know more about this program or have valid contact information for Christoph Kummerer? From what I found on the net, it seems like the guy made this program and then disappeared from the surface of the planet. Or is perhaps Christoph someone I know from the GB music community, just not under that name?

Dennou Coil 21

December 2nd, 2007

This comment over at Ureshii got so long that I decided to make a blog post out of it.
If you wonder where to get the shows mentioned, and what they are, check here:
Dennou Coil
Ghost Hound
As for Dexter, you can find it at tvtorrents.

Comment originally posted here

I’m not saying I waited long for this episode, but I managed to watch all the episodes of Hikaru no Go between DC20 and DC21. :p
Thanks for yet another great episode with a great sub!

jiru-kun: I think his question was rather why the convention was changed. I think that in earlier ep’s of DC, Ureshii kept the Japanese name order and the suffices. Before I gad gotten a feel for the language, I appreciated things being so close the native tongue as possible. Now I don’t mind really, but others might appreciate a more Japanese way of writing. I respect the subber’s work in either way though.

A question: Exactly what does the word coil mean here? I guess it’s not related to the English word for the electronic component?
A little side note here. In Death Note, L once said he used the alias Erald Coil. Back then I reacted to the fact that L is the letter usually used in schematics to denote coils. It is very possible that the creator of DN had this in mind.
Now I’m seeing another reference, DC=Direct Current. (Which I don’t think was intentional from the DC Committee though)
So there you have it, a perfect example of the weird things going on in my brain!

Tomorrow is Ghost Hound tiem! Monday is Dexter time. (No, not an animé, but a great show nevertheless) And hopefully by Tuesday, a certain great fansub group will hopefully have another episode ready to be enjoyed.

Note to self: Update my Animé page and start watching Sola, Ergo Proxy and Rah Xephon. And Kyou No Go Ni! (Thank you lonetech)

Reminder to self: I probably shouldn’t watch more than 3 series at a time though

Pushpin MIDI interface update (Still no success)

December 1st, 2007

To make a long story short:
The bad news is I still haven’t come up with working design. The good news is that I think my problem is with my MIDI interface (A Radium49 keyboard) I tried several opto-couplers, and I couldn’t get the 6n13x’s to give the slightest hint of a signal on the other side. Admittedly, I didn’t find a 6n138 at the lab, so all I tried was 6n136, 6n137 and 6n139, which should all be good for MIDI. This was something I double checked with an oscilloscope, but no reaction.
I also tried a CNY17-3, which did work, but only barely (Sometimes copied the data corrupted)
I think my Radium has too much resistance, so that the current it can gives cannot drive the LED in the opto-coupler. (The alternative is that I just suck and should give up :p ) Some day maybe I’ll check inside. But my next attempt will be to find another MIDI device to check if I was correct.
Until then, stay tuned.