The Quest For Red Diamond (NitroTracker song)

June 15th, 2008

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I present to you my first XM created with NitroTracker, called The Quest For Red Diamond. It’s a remake of an LSDj tune but it ended becoming a whole new song. It consists almost solely of samples that I’ve synthesized myself. (The hi-hat and snare were taken from som kit, the rest is by me)

Download the XM (For NitroTracker)
Listen to the song on 8bitcollective (MP3)

I recommend you to only play the XM in NitroTracker. NT’s volume envelopes are a bit different from those of regular XM players, so some of the instruments will sound a bit tacky if played with anything but NitroTracker.

Now I’m just hoping for some feature requests for NitroTracker to come true, mainly stereo playback.
Oh, NitroTracker isn’t related to me, but got it’s name from the code name for Nintendo DS, which was Nitro. ou can still see a trace of this in that the model number for the original NDS is NTR-001.

One Response to “The Quest For Red Diamond (NitroTracker song)”

  1. Jad says:

    Ojojoj, jag hör Streets of Rage i det lite halvt ostämd-iga sinusaktiga ljudet.

    Och jag gillar det som attan!

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