Pictures from inside the DSi

November 9th, 2008

Inside the DSi - CPU area

There have been a lot of posts about Nintendo’s new handheld the DSi on my blog lately, because I’m following the unveiling of information about it closely. This link is one day old, which is ancient in this context.
Bunnie:studios has opened his (her?) DSi and commented the guts. I especially like the comment “Mainboard backside photo — love the detailed, plain-English “hack here please” silkscreen annotation”

The CPU is unmarked. (It only says ARM 2007) While Bunnie speculates that the clock could be in the range of 266-533 MHz, I as the cynical/pessimist I am still guessing it’s the same 66 MHz ARM9 as in the original DS’s. I’ll gladly be proven wrong though. Decipher the marking on the clock crystal. Measure the clock with an oscilloscope/other equipment. Hack it and run some sort of BogoMIPS routine. Anything! Just prove me wrong, and I’ll be a much happier guy. ;)
Time will tell, I suppose.

Anyway, Bunnie’s blog seems pretty interesting, so I’ve subscribed to it. I’m hoping to see more of the “Name that Ware” segment, and perhaps a little more on the trip to Japan?

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