Gameboy Prosound Tutorial

November 11th, 2008

Gameboy Prosound
xero/ has just released a DMG Prosound tutorial. His tutorial is pretty much foolproof. (Or shall I say n00bproof?)
For those of you who don’t know, Prosound is the name given to a modification done to a video game system to improve the sound. (Important for chip musicians!) Typically it’s appplied to a Gameboy, but people have done similar mods to systems like NES and Sega Master System 2. A prosound mod usually works by bypassing any audio amplifier in the console, which works well for use with a mixer, but not so well when plugging in headphones directly into it. (But you can keep the original jack for use with headphones)

One Response to “Gameboy Prosound Tutorial”

  1. xero / says:

    n00bz… i eat ‘em for breakfast ;D
    thanx for the nice write up.

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